Is This Keeping You Poor?

With the same amount 24 hours a day, the same needs: Breath, Eat, Sleep, and almost equal resources all around us... Why are some many poor and others successful?

In an interview with a wealthy man, let us call him Bill Gates was being interviewed and the interviewer asked, what makes you soo successful that we can learn and do to also be rich. Without a word coming from Bill’s mouth, he took out a large sum of money and gave it to the interviewer. The reaction,

The interviewer quickly said no and said he hadn’t done anything in order to keep the money. So what did Bill Gates do?

He returned his own money to his pocket and to the question he responded:

Successful people seize every opportunity that presents itself.

How many times has an opportunity presented itself and the chatters in your mind couldn’t let you see any possible reason to have it?

That voice inside your brain that isn’t always constructive is in all of us. It’s a coping mechanism for signaling that we are out of our comfort zone because the brain needs us to be safe. If you’re wondering why that is so…

It’s because our brains are a 200 million-year-old tool that has one default setting in nature to keep away from dangers and any possible threats and harm.

In our modern world today, we no longer have the life-threatening environments that history has taught us. But somehow 97% of the population hasn’t learned how to cope with this negative self-talk. So,

here you have it...

If you learn to manage the negative chatter inside you mind the you’ll be in 3% that not only just sees opportunities but also takes action.

As I conclude, remember that you’re the most important asset in this world and if you can master your phycology you’ve done 80% of the work. The how to be successful will eventually present themselves.

Work on you first, then everything will follow. As the saying goes,

Seek ye the kingdom of heaven and everything else shall be added unto you ~ Matthew 6:33.

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Until next time my friend. Keep winning.



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Allan Mungai

Allan Mungai

Fortunate to be Co-Founder of Allan Martin Ltd & CEO at I love doing things related to internet marketing and sharing about basic life skills.